Origami Notes


Origami Notes (click for link to pattern)

I really love folding origami. I love the feeling of the paper under my fingertips, and the way the paper holds the creases. I love the challenge of learning a new pattern, and the excitement when you finally get it to look the way you want it to.

I found this “love notes” pattern yesterday and made a few for a friend. I think they’re cool, and I like that even though I’ve only folded the pattern about 5 times, I’ve already memorized it. ;) I think it is actually the easiest pattern I’ve ever folded. Try it! If you think you can’t fold– you can.IMG_5655

I spent a little while trying to decide if it made sense to post an origami pattern on my math blog, and I think it does. I think learning origami patterns are kind of like solving math problems/proofs– there is one solution you are trying to get to, you know when you have gotten it, but you will take many wrong turns and many tries before getting it. Then, once you have, it is beautiful. <3

Also. I was talking to my math professor, and she was telling us about how she will be giving an “inspirational” talk to res life. I asked her if it was supposed to be about math, and she said: “Well. I think it’s supposed to be personal. So, since it is about my life, it will necessarily be related to math.” Yes.



2 thoughts on “Origami Notes

  1. I’m happy you shared this fun origami on your math-related blog. An origami folded model can be both a piece of art and a geometric figure. Just unfold it and take a look!
    When unfolded, this particular “love note” features a hexagonal grid geometric pattern. All origami models have a geometric patter, even if it is a simple one.
    You might want to take a look to a book on math where origami is featured:
    “Here’s Looking at Euclid”
    You can read a review in my blog

    Best wishes to you !

  2. gbark321

    Thank you for your comment! I also do love the shapes, patterns, and geometry of it all.
    I just found your origamispirit blog this week, and I really like it. I am enjoying some of the new pattens you have featured, as well as the creative/modern twists on old pattens.
    Thank you for the book recommendation as well– I am putting it on my list of books to read this summer.

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