Radiolab: Numbers


Radiolab: Numbers

I really love podcasts. A lot. Maybe it has something to do with being a musician, but I actually prefer just having audio as opposed to watching a movie. It helps me imagine what I’m hearing a lot better, and I think they’re fun to listen to.

One of the podcasts I listen to is the Math/Maths Podcast by Pulse Project. The podcast is no longer running, but the archive of 127 episodes at an hour in length each should keep you going for a while. (: I like their humor and current event stories (well, what was current during the recording) related to math.

During a recent episode, they advertised NPR’s Radiolab, specifically the Numbers episode. They actually said that if you have never listened to Radiolab, stop listening to Math/Maths and go listen to Radiolab instead! 

I didn’t. But I asked my NPR-loving friends if they’d listened to Radiolab, and their response to me was: You HAVEN’T?! :)

Now I have.

I’ve just started the Numbers Episode. I really like thinking about the idea that babies might sense numbers in a logarithmic way. The calculus students I’m TAing for are struggling with logarithms right now– It seems impossible to imagine that maybe we all used to think about numbers in that way naturally! And now they just say “I hate logs.” (Not that I blame them. I’ve said it too.)


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