Mathematical Imagination


Mathematical Imagination

I keep wanting to write blog posts, but with finals coming up I’m so busy with schoolwork.
Right now I am studying for a Real Analysis exam.
In my studying, I found a quote by my professor that I had written down and highlighted during class. :)
IS Real Analysis building my mathematical imagination?… I will have to let you know.


10 thoughts on “Mathematical Imagination

  1. gbark321

    Thank you!
    I think it’s less about feeling guilty, and more that I have so many math/science-related ideas I want to blog about! :)

      • Er… even mathematicians call these “pathological real-valued functions”! :p

        However what really blew my mind back at the uni when I attended a(n optional) course and the lecturer dwelled on Sobolev-functions a lot. (The Sobolev-spaces are said to be the right function spaces for the solutions of partial differential equations)
        I asked the lecturer to “show” me some Sobolev-functions because I couldn’t get my head around them and he answered “well, generally speaking you cannot construct them explicitly”. :D

      • Oh, yes, it would be really cool to read about your adventures in maths, about interesting specific topics and mathematical constructs (in layman’s terms, of course). Thanks.

  2. Did you study maths at university? So far I’ve only taken one 300-level course in maths, so I am just beginning to learn about all these “beautiful” theorems and functions and everything. But I have encountered some “well, we can’t actually construct these explicitly…” topics already. I appreciate your prof’s response. :)

    That’s what I’m hoping to do with my blog!
    I am enjoying seeing what you have to say about Hungary as well.

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