Budapest, rádió, sziasztok


Budapest, rádió, sziasztok: the first three words of Hungarian I know.

My college finals are next week— and although I should be studying, I’m just excited about study abroad! There are preparations I need to make (go to a pre-study abroad orientation here, send in forms to BSM, talk to my adviser about course selection), and so all of that is reminding me that my trip is coming up quickly. Okay, so maybe it’s still four months away, but it is coming! :) And it IS soon when you compare it to the fact that I’ve been thinking about study abroad since I was in middle school! I have always been a traveller.

I’ve started listening to Hungarian radio when I am getting ready in the morning, which has since progressed to listening to Hungarian podcasts, as well as anything else that I’m interested in (ex: Hungarian children reciting the alphabet :) ). I love language so much–I was very passionate about learning French in high school–and that’s one of the reasons I decided to go to BSM for study abroad over the programs I applied to in England. I am so excited to have a reason to learn a new language!

When I first started listening to the radio, I found that my brain was trying to pick out French words. It was a strange experience– I knew it wasn’t in French, but I think that because I’m usually trying to find French words I recognize when I hear a foreign language, my mind was trying to do the same thing with the Hungarian radio. I’m trying to stop doing that, and instead just listen to and get used to the way Hungarian sounds.

Anyway, I think I ought to get back to studying for my finals. :) I am working on a intro computer science project trying to program a simple version of Minesweeper, studying for computing and real analysis exams, and working on my gender studies paper. Not too bad. And it will all be finished in two weeks!



3 thoughts on “Budapest, rádió, sziasztok

    • gbark321

      Thank you! I like the games a lot. I just played the foods game. I like the word for sandwich (szendvics)… it sounds like sandwich but looks so different. :)

  1. ivasallay

    I’m glad you like them. I like that pictures are used instead of English. I don’t like that the same order of words is always used. Some of the games are more of a challenge than others: I know how to count in Hungarian, but I always struggle with the number games that require simple addition and subtraction. I don’t know the numbers well enough to do those simple operations without translating the numbers into English first.

    You also might try these online flashcards and games:

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