SMP Won An Award!


The program I am going to be attending this summer, Carleton SMP (Summer Math Program), just won an award from the American Mathematical Society! It was one of two programs given the AMS “Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference” award for 2014 (see link to official announcement).


Since it is finals week and thus I can literally count the number of days left in the semester on one hand, combined with getting an SMP email update today, made the fact that I am going to this super cool math program really really soon actually sink in: I am going to be part of this network of female mathematicians, I am going to be an SMP-er, I am going to be at Carleton for the summer in just a few weeks!!

I am so excited about everything that is going on– going home, going to SMP, going to Hungary– I have a lot of adventures coming up. They are distracting me a little bit from my finals, but I am doing fine. I only have one exam (Real Analysis) and half of my gender studies paper (on Women in STEM) left.

I am still learning a little bit of Hungarian every day. My friend and I joke that the only thing I really need to know is how to say “chocolate” in Hungarian. And I’ve got that down: csokoládé! ;)


6 thoughts on “SMP Won An Award!

  1. Have a WONDERFUL time at SMP. It was one the best experiences of my life. The program challenged me a lot (I participated after my freshman year and had not taken Real I or Algebra I) and made me sure that I wanted to pursue math. I didn’t realize how great it was until it was over. I’ve done research for two summers now, and SMP fundamentally prepared me to succeed in math in and out of the classroom. Plus, you really will meet friends for the rest of your life.

    I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to comment! SMP is a very special experience, and I’m glad to “meet” another SMPer on the “interwebs!” ;)

    Have a fantastic summer.

    • Thank you!! I can’t believe it’s here already– I’ve been planning on applying since September, and am so excited to have the opportunity. The program for the summer starts next Sunday! I hope to be updating my blog while I’m there.
      I am glad you stumbled across my blog. :) Good to “meet” you too!

  2. You may want to learn the short (informal) version of “csokoládé”, too, which is actually easier to say: “csoki” :)
    However I think it’s a better idea to learn the word “cukrászda”. :) Just enter the word at Google image search.

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