A Mother’s Day Hexaflexagon


If you haven’t yet, you should make sure to check out Vi Hart’s video on Hexaflexagons.

That video, plus her others ( Hexaflexagons 2 and Hexaflexagon Safety Guide) got me hooked on flexagons. They combine my interests in math, geometry, origami, and crafting in one project. They’re cool.

Last week I took a 24-hour end-of-semester celebration trip to NYC with one of my college friends. One of the stops on our trip was the Strand Bookstore, where I sifted through the entirety of the crafts section to try to find new patterns for papercrafting. I found Magic Books & Paper Toys, and was sold by it as soon as I saw it had an ENTIRE CHAPTER on crafting with flexagons! An entire chapter! She gives instructions and inspiration for hexaflexagons, square flexagons, and “magic wallet” flexagons.

Since it is Mother’s Day today, and I also wanted to practice my “flexagation,” I thought I would make my mom a hexaflexagon card. This is what I came up with.

I really like the way the hearts come together on some folds to make a flower, and others to make pairs of hearts (me and my mom). I’m excited to give it to her, and to show her how to fold and unfold the pattern. :) <3


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