A Photostory, My Mathematical Home, Part 2


(Above: I have learned that those tabletop podiums we have in all the classrooms make a very nice step stool to help me reach the top of the chalkboard)

The Space

When I was taking photos of campus last week, I spent some time specifically focusing on our math department.

Being a math major has become an important part of how I identify. I realized this at my college’s sophomore major declaration “celebration.” (This celebration seemed silly to me, since I had declared my major over a year prior. But I went anyway for the free cupcakes.)

Imagine a whole bunch of mostly-unwilling sophomores in an auditorium, wearing sticker name tags stating our chosen major, standing in front of the poster on the wall that matches our name tag. The deans instruct us to mingle, chat, and introduce ourselves to the other students in our major.

My first instinct was to say, “Hi. I’m a sophomore math major.”
But… I had to stop myself because I realized that was true about every single one of us in the group. I had to actually think about what I was going to say about myself. My major had become my quick go-to introduction.

Being a math major has become part of who I am. Of course there is so much more, but I am proud of my major and I love it. I feel welcomed into our department and into the math family at my school.

Even though I have learned being “home” is a lot more about people than place, these photos show some of the physical spaces that I associate with and have grown to love as part of my chosen major.



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