In McDonald’s News…



What have I been up to?

For the six weeks that I’m home between spring semester and SMP, I’ve gone back to my summer job at McDonald’s. I’ve been really busy there working long hours, but I like my job for the most part. I like how busy it is, I like working in food service, and I like the people.


The photo McDonald’s used in its Twitter release.

The big news at work right now is the new Happy meal mascot cleverly named “Happy.”

Mostly because he is kind of creepy looking.

A lot of people think so, not just the ones trolling the internet. We were looking at the stickers and promo materials at my store of Happy before the official release, and all of my co-workers found good conversation in wondering why they gave him those teeth and that tongue.

Now that he has officially been released, I’ve seen more of the materials with Happy on them, and I’m finally getting used to him. He’s not so bad. Kids seem to like him. And he isn’t as creepy as I first thought. I definitely think the picture they chose to use for the release is one of the scariest ones.

I like this article by The Atlantic posted after McDonald’s release of Happy on Twitter which caused a stir of responses, mainly negative. I agree with a lot of the points in it, especially the question– is it really such a bad thing that McDonald’s is releasing a new promotional lineup with the goal of having kids make healthier choices? Even if they do use a creepy mascot to do so.

My favorite line from that article is “So, you see, Happy relishes hatred. It’s what he lives for. It makes him stronger. Now there are two of him. Great work, Twitter.” This doesn’t directly relate to mathematics, but it is about numbers and advertising. How do we get more people to buy happy meals? We get them talking by releasing a controversial-looking new mascot.


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