One Week Until SMP


Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 11.58.18 PMOne week from today I will be in Minnesota! I will have gotten up early to take a flight at 6:30am, and I imagine at this time of night I will be in the dorm at Carleton struggling to sleep in my new room for the month. I will have traveled 1000 miles to get there, and have had a busy day meeting all the people who will soon become friends.

I absolutely cannot believe it is only a week away. What I have been calling “Phase One” of my summer–enjoying home and working at McDonald’s– is coming to a close. I had my last day of work at last night. I will certainly miss some things about my job at McDonald’s. Especially co-workers and our regular customers. I actually had conversations with some of our regulars yesterday, telling them it was my last day for the summer and saying goodbye.

I took this week off. I need to finish unpacking my things from college (I never actually did that. Most of it is just in boxes in the basement right now!), then pack a suitcase for my month in MN, and will also be visiting friends around here before I go.

It’s been six weeks since I left college, and I haven’t done any “actual” math. I’m nervous about getting back into it, worried that I will have forgotten everything and will be behind, but I know I will be fine. I think it will come back pretty quickly.


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