In MN!


I made it! Well, not quite, but almost. I made it to the MSP airport. :)

I got up bright and early at 4:30 this morning to catch the 6:30 flight to Minnesota. There weren’t any problems and I got here at 8am their time. When we landed, there was a little boy who very excitedly exclaimed to his mom:

“Isn’t this GREAT?! We travelled all this way and we still have the WHOLE day ahead of us!!”

I actually laughed out loud at that (I couldn’t help it. It’s early.) because I had literally just been thinking something to the effect of I can’t believe I’m this tired and we still have the whole day ahead of us…

I’ve had my coffee now, rested a little bit more, and am doing better. I can’t wait to meet everyone at Carleton tonight! I can’t believe it’s already today!


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