The day I ate four Big Macs


Between my love of math and McDonalds work, this post made me laugh. I think it was the conclusion that people prefer to eat an even number of Big Macs that got me. Seems like a logical conclusion to draw. :)


It was the fall of 1993, when I was living in Baltimore. McDonald’s was offering a special on Big Macs — two for two dollars. It was my first time living in my own apartment and I was still pretty interested in diminishing the amount of cooking I had to do, so this was an appealing offer. I figured, two Big Macs makes a nice meal, so I’ll bring home four, then have two for lunch and two for dinner. So I brought home my bag of Big Macs and ate the first two. And I thought to myself, you know, I could certainly handle one more Big Mac. So I ate another one. Then I was pretty full, but I thought: look, I now no longer have enough Big Macs for dinner, and it’ll be better hot anyway. So why not see if I can eat four? But then…

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