SMPosium Snapshot, Day Two


On Doing Calculations With Engineers:
“All of a sudden we started dropping terms and rounding numbers. Mathematically, I was really unsatisfied. But this is what happens in engineering!”

On Feeling Less Qualified:
“These people I was working with were incredible, so smart. I mean, I had put them on a pedestal in my mind. But then I found out… they didn’t even know what STEM meant.”

On Working on Capitol Hill:
“When I worked on The Hill– I don’t know if you’ve seen West Wing, but– it was actually kind if like that! It felt a little bit bizarre, like we were in the show, but it was very exciting! Every day was unpredictable.”

On Productivity:
“I like working on two things at once. If I get bored or need a break from one project, I just switch to the other. It really helps my productivity.”

On Mathematicians:
“One difference between computer scientists and mathematicians is a mathematician will be satisfied just to know ‘a solution exists!'”



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