Step Aerobics With Russ


Many of us are feeling worn out right now. We have a lot of work to do. We had an exam in topology this morning, have a homework problem set due tomorrow, and a presentation at the end if the week for both classes. On top of everything else that is scheduled. It’s really busy.

I was definitely tired this afternoon. I was in the math skills center working on homework and eventually found myself sitting in the napping corner because I needed a break…


The napping corner in the math center.

Napping corners in college academic buildings… Good idea? Bad idea? It’s probably a bad idea, but I was happy it was there.

A little bit later I decided to take an actual break and go to step aerobics class. This class has a reputation: killer aerobics with Russ.

It wasn’t actually that bad. But I thought it was really fun. There’s something about looking ridiculous and failing at the dance moves in the name of exercise that I like a lot. Russ has been doing step aerobics for a long time– he still uses cassette tapes for music. But he’s super into it and has a good time and it was just the break I needed!

Now back to the homework.


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